'God Save the Expo'

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Today is not only National Day (hooray for over zealous nationalism!), but it also marks the start of the last month of Expo. As mentioned here and in the comments of this post, Andy is planning a big write up of the Expo and it's impact on the local music scene once the event is over. In the meantime, to mark National Day and the (near) end of Expo, local punk band 77 have made this track available exclusively to Kungfuology (well alright, it got harmonised within five minutes on Douban so I said I'd put it up). Hit play above to hear it, right click to here to download it and make sure you hit up the band's Douban page here

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Here's a thought. Will stuff about the Expo continue to get censored once it's done? I mean, surely they won't expend the same amount of resources on it right? Also, it was just a b**ls business event anyway. No one will care about it or talk about it at all one day after the doors close.

Also, the Douban censorship thing is sad. The music editor is one of the members of PK14. I know he's got no choice but it's sad. Like the YYT site, it says under construction but it's gov ordered. That's the real nasty side, the censorship is one thing but forcing people to deny they'd ordered it is really sick.

turns out i was not shit talking with the maybe horse label. you need one more band name to keep your title of music quiz champion.

Well, then I'll go with 77, seeing as this post is about their song. And just to keep my nose in front: Sonnet, Chaos Mind, Six Shot 21 Grams...

I think anything unharmonious about the Expo will continue to be censored long after the event as well, just as anything unharmonious about anything is censored here. If this was a song about the Olympics and how it hadn't really helped China and was a bit pointless for example, it'd probably still be harmonised now. It's more a question of content than of time I think. Hopefully what the end of the Expo will mean is that the gig scene will return to some sense of normalcy and that Top Floor Circus will be able to play here again (though minus a certain song from their repertoire perhaps)

Ok,News! I just tried to post something about Nobel Peace Price on Douban, but it wouldn't let me, it said "你的发言中有被禁止的内容"- there are forbidden content in your post. So I was wondering which words were "bad", so I tried to type in different words to try. turned out if you just type in "Nobel peace price" in chinese, which is 诺贝尔和平奖, it's forbidden. so, no more Nobel for chinese people! Hooray, what a milestone for the development!

Anyway,what I was going to post was, Who was the last person that received Nobel Peace Price in prison? Who was in power of his country back then?i will not post the answer on here tho, don't wanna get you into too much trouble, Jake. :)

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