Live Bar is back from the dead

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P5160191.jpgLive Bar, formerly housed in an old chemical factory up in Yangpu district, closed back in May due to the continuing gentrification of Kunming Lu and its surrounding areas. I first wrote about the closure here and then wrote up the last gig here. For a while, Live Bar 696 (itself closed and then reopened in the north of the city) took on the mantle of breeding ground for Shanghai's student bands and more experimental shows, but now the original Live Bar is back.

The new location is at 800 Guoshun Dong Lu, near the Wujiaochang area of town (close to where 2046 is if you know the record shop). That should see them tap into the considerable student population up there, being a few minutes walk from Fudan's main campus. I haven't been up there to check it out yet and there haven't actually been any shows there yet, but I'll keep an eye out for any forthcoming gig information...

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thanks for the info. hows in charge up there? do you have a phone number? thx

whoops - double post. thanks for the info. whos in charge up there? do you have a phone number? thx

Same people as before I believe - they always said they'd open another one when they could. Try livebar1[at] for more info

are they trying to do something different this time? I always think that there are something wrong with the venue itself, like their strategy, their promotion, ect, not only the location struggle thing. We named this situation 尴尬 in Chinese。

even though they have been kind of "emotionally unstable" to manage their project, i think they are persistent and that has a value itself. It would be great if they catch a big crowd from the universities, I don't really know of a university bar with music in Shanghai, do you?

there was a bar named Corner bar or some other names near Songjiang Universities town in this June. and they did 3 small gigs as their opening ceremony that month. but they met students' summer holiday soon. not sure what is going on at the moment...

Yeah I wrote about Corner Bar here, but I'm not sure how it's getting on now. As you say, they opened just before the holidays so I guess it's been a bit quiet recently, but maybe things will pick up there now the students are back...

Hey, U wanted to know about coming's gigs in the new Live Bar right? Actually, we the Fire in the Hole, opened by two other french bands are performing on saturday 27th Nov. We're students bands playing half covers (such as Clash,Metallica,Nirvana, Rage against the Machine..) half own songs, not far from heavy metal to blues, passing by punk. I'll look forward to give u the link of the event.

Rockers, Punks, you might like it

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