The Fever Machine and friends at Yuyintang

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e312859.jpgNo promotional problems here. Despite going up against a whole bunch of other high profile events such as the JZ Festival in Century Park and the opening night of Shanghai Pride, the Shapiro publicity machine did its job and pulled in a big crowd for four of the city's best bands last night.

Rainbow Danger Club kicked things off with a great set. Jesse from the band was kind enough to send me a couple of mp3s the other day of demos from the CD they're currently working on and I've had them on repeat ever since. They're a quality band with a great sound and I can't wait to hear the CD when it comes out.

The Instigation were on next and caused the biggest ruckus of the night with their shouty punk. Singer Simon sang from in front of the speakers rather than on stage, marching up and down at the front of the crowd and occasionally getting drawn into the group of people throwing themselves around like crazy. It was a good show.

The Fever Machine took to the stage after them and produced the solid rawk display that you'd expect. Again it was a performance from a band of quality musicians on a night full of them. The band had a couple of new tracks added in to their repertoire and they're another act who are hopefully thinking of laying down a CD soon. In the meantime, you can listen to, and download, some of their tracks here.

Duck Fight Goose were last on and, despite it being 1am by the time they took to the stage, a big crowd stuck around to watch them. They weren't disappointed. The band have received a lot of hype in the local media in recent months and with good reason: they are fucking brilliant. The only worry is that they're going to run out of room on the YYT stage to put all their pedals and effects gadgets - every time they've added something new (last night it was this white, iPad-like box with a glowing red screen, not sure what that was). Their CD should be out next month and to say that I'm excited about it doesn't even come close.

All in all, a great night with four top notch bands.

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was a great night for sure: all the bands played really well, the audience was plentiful and receptive, and much like the eat naked lunch show, there was this feeling that there's a real solid community forming around all these bands -- and not just the four groups that played, but there were members of many of other local bands hanging out, adding to the vibe.

shit's clearly getting interesting, and bands like Rainbow Danger Club and Duck Fight Goose are creating some superlative music that needs to be heard.

oh yea, we're putting something real special together for halloween, with another solid collective of local bands: Boys Climbing Ropes, X is Y, Pairs and The Fever Machine; so come check out a special one-time-only show for the ages.

see you all on October 30th at Yuyintang . . .

A good night it was.

>last night it was this white, iPad-like box with a glowing red screen

I *think* it was one of these...


Yeah, it was a Tenori-on. He got it a while back, but hasn't had a chance to use it much with DFG ... yet ...

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