This is what an Open Goat sounds like

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go6.jpgRemember a while back I wrote about Open Goat, a noise experiment that Ho-Tom the Conqueror was helping to organise? I went and it was great fun. For those of you who didn't go, and even for those who did, if you're wondering what a bunch of people turning up and making random noise sounds like, you can check it out on Soundcloud by clicking right here. I think the bad Chinese recorder-like thing playing, the shaking of keys and the dropping of coins (if you can pick all that out) is mine. The bits that sound good are other peoples. Anyway, check it out, parts of it are surprisingly melodious - reminds me a bit of that Beta Band track 'Monolith', but maybe that's just me.

This picture is stolen from Shanghai Monthly incidentally.

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Cheers Jake.

Do you know how Tom plans to license these recordings? Are they released under a Creative Commons licence, or public domain, or copyright?

It's just, I like remixing weird stuff into even weirder stuff, so...

I'm not sure about the licensing - possibly Creative Commons license yeah - but I do know that part of the point of Tom putting the tracks up was for people to remix them, so go ahead. Just drop him/me a link when you're done with it, but otherwise feel free to do what you please with the noise

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