Rumour mill: Zhijiang Dream Factory to become Yugong Yishan SH?

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flyer1260803640.jpgThis is something that's been going around the rumour mill for a little while now and I have to stress that it's unconfirmed and just a rumour. But it's an interesting one and one that I've heard from a number of reliable sources, so I thought I'd put it out there. 

I first heard that the people behind Yugong Yishan were looking at opening a venue in Shanghai a couple of months ago. I've not been able to contact them to discuss any Shanghai plans at the moment, but it would seem like a logical move for them. There's also been mention of the involvement of JZ Club, though people I've spoken to there say they know nothing about it. I know that makes this story just seem like a lot of talk and with no real quotes to back it up, but that's why I'm putting the caveat that this is just a rumour at the top there.

Even if it is just a rumour, it refuses to die and the latest take on it that I've heard is that the plan involves taking over the Zhijiang Dream Factory space. That too, seems to make a lot of sense. The Dream Factory is a decent venue but needs some investment - a new  soundsystem and some lights and Shanghai could have a pretty good mid-sized venue to go along with MAO Livehouse, itself in the midst of change.

Speaking of MAO Livehouse, the Dream Factory has of course had collaborations before, which ended rather unsuccessfully. If Yugong Yishan were to take it over though, I'd feel a bit more positive about it than I did when Soma got involved.

Still, it's just a rumour at the moment, albeit an interesting one and a story to keep an eye on...

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