Another successful university tour for ZLHF

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nEO_IMG_IMG_1356.jpgLocal label Zhulu Hefeng have just completed their most recent round of university gigs. Andy wrote about them when they kicked off here and I mentioned it again here. They've just wrapped up the tour and it seems to have been a big success, following their similar tour earlier in the year. Here's what ZLHF's head honcho Lezi had to say about it all:

'We have done 11 gigs in the universities from May this year (8 universities totally), and the reaction by the university students are quite positive. the douban musician pages of the label bands who attended the tours have many new fans. and we invited the campus bands to play with us, it's also a good opportunity to help them to develop.'

Embedded here is a photo of Pinkberry performing to what Lezi estimated to be around 800 students at Jiaotong University. If that's accurate, that's a pretty impressive turn out. In addition to benefiting the label, hpefully some of that crowd will translate into more gig goers at the regular venues around town in the future.

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