Christmas Eve: Pet Conspiracy vs Top Floor Circus

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tfc big-thumb-350x396.jpgHere's a choice for you: would you rather usher in Christmas with legendary Shanghai act Top Floor Circus playing their first headlining show in the city in more than a year, or with Beijing-based party act Pet Conspiracy now fronting a new line-up? That's what it comes down to on Christmas Eve as Dingma play at the Fei Contemporary Arts Centre in Zhabei and PC at some shopping mall or something in Jinqiao. Hmm. I won't actually be here, but I know where I'd be if I were in town. Incidentally, if it helps, Pet Conspiracy will also be popping up for a big NYE show at the Cool Docks a week later. 

Speaking of Pet Conspiracy, Helen Feng posted an interesting piece on Douban recently. She's currently touring Europe with the band, which she will leave at the end of the tour. In an entry entitled 'Are we a Chinese band?', she talked about her experiences with the continent's media. I recommend you read the full post here if you read Chinese, below are just a couple of quotes that I picked out:

'Every reporter asks us: is performing in China particularly difficult? Do you have enough freedom? When I hear these questions, I know that my answer really isn't important, they already have their set ideas. They don't understand our performances at all, nor do they understand what young people in China want. I don't know how to answer.'

'I can't say I feel entirely free, for example I don't even know if this blog will be deleted from Douban, but to say I feel no freedom at all is inaccurate. All I can say is artists in China have a lot of space, but at the end of the day, they also have a lot of limits.'

That, of course, is something that Top Floor Circus are all too aware of as well.

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