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mao.jpgA few more details about the new MAO Livehouse have emerged in the past couple of days. The new space, which is due to open some time in March (or possibly April), will be operating as a full time bar when there are no gigs on - i.e. the bar will be open daily regardless of events. The bar service at the present MAO has been little short of appalling, so there's certainly room for improvement and hopefully this move will spur them to do something about it.

The other little nugget of information is tucked away at the bottom of this article by Justin Bergman on whether Shanghai has lost its 'artsy edge'. Feast your eyes on this:

'Now, however, Mao will have to be more careful: it was actually courted by officials in the district of Luwan, a section of central Shanghai, to move to a new space in the same building that houses the district government offices.'

We already knew the new space would be in that area of town, but in the same building as the local government? They certainly will have to be careful.

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