New Top Floor Circus album now available

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p722386966.jpgAhead of their Christmas Eve show at the Fei Art Centre in Zhabei district, Top Floor Circus have made their new album available as a packaged download. In addition to all 13 songs, there's the lyrics and guitar tabs as well as the covers designed by users of Douban. They've also promised to make 'Kala yongyuan ok' available for download soon (Update: here) - one of my favourite Top Floor Circus songs that you can also hear here

For details of next week's show, click here. To download the package, go here. Update: In the comments, Brad has pointed out that it's also available on 115 (where you don't need to download a programme first). Some of the guitar tabs are wrong too apparently, check out the corrections after the jump.
      C Am D 
      (歌词里第三个和弦标为 E 错了) 

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You can also download it from (Unlike rayfile, 115 doesn't require a special program to download)

ah, thanks, brad. i was beginning to think i would have to pirate some shanzhai version of internet explorer for mac.

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