Pinkberry want you to sing their songs (+ other new tracks)

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Pinkberryshoot16.jpgPinkberry have uploaded some instrumental versions of their songs to their Douban and made them available for free download. The idea is that you download them and then sing the vocals yourself. I guess if you want you can then record your own version and upload it somewhere to share with the world. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, click here.

Yuguo meanwhile have uploaded a little taster from their forthcoming album, which they plan to release early next year. It's called 'The Place Where Dreams Start', which for me is bed, but for them is something a lot more meaningful. Check it out.

New Vector are one of those bands who seem to be a bit intermittent, but the last day or two has seen their most recent flurry of activity with them uploading several tracks here

That may just be a result of them switching from a Douban artist page to a mini-site, something that Screaming Saviour have done too, resulting in a load of their tracks going up. But then, any excuse to mention Screaming Saviour (although their name was better when it was Screaming Christ) is ok I think.

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