The new MAO Livehouse

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mao.jpg'On 31st January MAO Livehouse will temporarily close for business until the middle of March. The new MAO Livehouse will be at 308 Chongqing Nan Lu. There will be space for 1,000 people, a specially designed bar area and both a large stage and a small stage.

'The new MAO will be an amusement park for musicians and fans where you can see the most exciting live music shows, while also seeing musicians up close on the small stage and can organise artist salons. At the new MAO, we will continue the philosophy of the old MAO, strive to do better and thank everyone for their long-term support.'

- Li Dalong  

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To quote Lisa Movius from the comments on this post:

'Mao 1.0 will remain open for full operations until 2.0 launches, closed only for a week when all of the equipment gets moved.'


Yeah, plans have a frustrating way of changing - especially when made several months in advance. That is why we have been slow to announce too much. I sent an update around to the press and bloggers after they did - and with apologies. If/when the time table and details change again, we'll be sure to keep this blog and other parties informed.

Anyhow it turned out that there were few shows booked for February, so it made sense to focus resources on the new place, and we probably would have closed for the holiday even if not moving.

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