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p547444166.jpgSo not an awful lot going on right now. I managed to miss all gigs last weekend and now that Yuyintang has closed for a couple of months my gig going probably won't be up to much for a while. Not that there isn't stuff going on of course - I'll do my best to get to what I can and update you on what's going on as always - just that YYT was always the venue I went to most and the easiest venue for me to get to. Plus I'm lazy.

Anyway, The Beat Bandits have headed into the studio recently to record a new round of tracks, which will hopefully appear online over the next week or so. The first one to emerge is called 'Pharaoh Surf' and can be enjoyed right here.

UPDATE: Another new track for yous: '30 Seconds Death', actually a 5 minute something track from Puppets of Distortion. That one's here.

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