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cautionMOFOS-1024x634.jpgIt's cold outside, I'm probably not going to make it to MAO Livehouse on Saturday and things generally on the blog are a bit slow at the minute. It'll get better, just bear with me. In the meantime, here's some new music for your listening pleasure.

This one's doubly new - a new song from a brand new band, The Dangxin Mofos. More details, full lyrics and the track right here. Make sure you give that a listen.

A doubly new double. Crazy. Yep, another new band, this one called Fierce Wind Zone, with a new track. Fierce Wind Zone in case you're wondering are one half of Stegosaurus? so check it out.

It kind of peters out after that. Sorry. All I've got is this. A new track from Candy Shop called 'Never Give Up'. 

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