Top Floor Circus in Shanghai Daily

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What a difference a year makes. Back in December 2009, Top Floor Circus were slapped with a performance ban after their anti-Expo anthem proved a bit too popular with the masses. Now, in January 2011, the band are featured in the Shanghai Daily. You can read the full piece on 'the absurdly-named' band right here. Hat tip to Lisa Movius on this one, I have to admit that Shanghai Daily isn't exactly saved in my favourites, so I never would have found it if she hadn't dropped me the link.

The video embedded on the right here is Top Floor Circus' 'A Love Song for Suzhou Creek (KTV Version)' meaning you can sing along just like you would at PartyWorld.

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Too bad they didn't use the Shanghai Streets photo from this post:

Maybe the resolution wasn't right for print...

Too bad you didn't use this video from a show at Mao Livehouse:

Maybe the content wasn't right for this post...

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