Bob Dylan approved?

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61e7f4aajw6deror7dfptj.jpgThis blog is becoming quite the rumour merchant. But in my defense, I did just get a Weibo and there's very little out there other than rumours, pictures of pretty girls and Tom Cruise. So here's what's doing the rounds now: the government in Beijing has approved a license for a Bob Dylan concert in the city (no word on Shanghai) according to Sina. 

You might have read already that the annual 'Bob Dylan coming to China' rumours were already swirling about, but the government announcement would seem to bring them a step closer to reality. After a cursory search of the Beijing government website, I couldn't find the page in the screenshot here, but it's come from Sina Entertainment so it'll be interesting to see if it works out. So will he come to China? The answer my friend is... well, you know.

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