Torturing Nurse: 'Our live performances are usually pretty intense'

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2979908345_7f73297319.jpgLove them or hate them, Torturing Nurse are never dull. Deaf Sparrow, a site that writes about extreme and experimental music, has just done an interview with Torturing Nurse's main protagonist, Junky. Click here.

There's not too much new if you're familiar with Torturing Nurse, but it's a good introduction for the uninitiated and provides me with an excuse to post this photo by Gregory Perez from a classic Torturing Nurse show at Live Bar a few years back and link to this excellent video.

Also, you've probably seen this already, but there's some good news and a hint that 2011 could be a strong year for Shanghai bands. My tip for best new band this year is Naohai incidentally, not that anyone's asking, but still.

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