This weekend's shows at MAO Livehouse to go ahead as planned

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p899567435.jpgUPDATE3: Hanggai have just announced that they will return to Shanghai on May 13, which is great news.

UPDATE2: You can read a fascinating and, in the circumstances, fairly balanced account of what happened over the weekend from Archie Hamilton of Split Works here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Xiao Zhong in the comments who has pointed out that the Sunday 3 show with Mongolian band The Lemons supported by Pairs, The Fever Machine and The Instigation will also go ahead as planned.

MAO Livehouse have also now issued their own apology, blaming a 'force majeure' for the cancellation, which I guess is one way of referring to the PSB. Read the full text here.

As you may have heard already, the new MAO Livehouse ran into a little trouble on their official opening weekend. After hosting Shanren and shunting everyone out of the door to make way for a packed out Paul Kalkbrenner show on Friday, things went pear-shaped on the Saturday when Hanggai's appearance as part of the JUE Festival was cancelled. The band took to the stage, but were unable to play - the official reason being given on Douban and other sites at the moment is 'noise complaints', which doesn't bode well for future shows. With a month of big shows scheduled at the new venue (in addition to two more JUE shows next weekend, they have SUBS, Queen Sea Big Shark and Mono among the acts booked in for April), it's fair to say that this wasn't really the start that MAO Livehouse were looking for.

Fortunately, Split Works have just announced that their shows at MAO Livehouse this weekend will go ahead as planned, which is good news for them and for the venue. The promoters have also apologised for the Hanggai cancellation and offered a full refund for anyone who went and hasn't claimed one yet. It also means that anyone planning to go to the Gala (Friday 1) or the World's End Girlfriend (Saturday 2) shows can relax, they're on. 

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As is the Trash A Go Go show on Sunday night (April 3rd) with The Lemons.

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