Rainbow Danger Club release Where Maps End, Live Bar

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rainbow danger club album release 038.jpgMad professors, crowd-surfing teddy bears and story book readings. At a time when most bands in Shanghai seem to be recording or about to release records, Rainbow Danger Club set a high bar for album release parties last night. You need to do something special when you have bands supporting you such as Pairs and Friend or Foe, bands who regular introduce an element of theatre into their performances (last night was no different, with Xiao Zhong nearly eating the drum stall and Friend or Foe entering via a cops and robbers skit). But Rainbow Danger Club gave a triumphant performance last night to give their excellent new album a fitting release.

Despite a busy Friday night, they drew a good crowd to Live Bar and overcame technical difficulties, which they turned into an impromptu song, to put on a memorable show. After Pairs and Friend or Foe had played typically entertaining sets, the headliners opened with Professor Levi from Stegosaurus? reading a passage to start the story. Cameos from other Stegosaurus? members followed including Dr Bren, Ultraman and a bizarre freak called Bobo. The whole thing was backed with fantastic visuals from Tina Sprinkles as well.

Not that the antics distracted from the songs and performance of the band. They had the crowd enthralled from the start and by the time they played 'Drown the Creatures' toward the end of their set, Live Bar was filled with the 'bom bom bombom bom bom bombom' of the chorus. All in all, it was a fantastic night.

UPDATE: Check out some more photos from the night here.

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