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mohanik best alternative.jpgPicture by Andy Cullen.

So after all this, a couple of updates from the Trash a Go Go camp:

There will not be a show at Mao Livehouse this Sunday. Here is the new show information:

Trash A Go-Go

Place: Yuyintang (851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu)

Time: Sunday April 3, 11:59 pm (LATE SHOW)

price: FREE


-Mohanik (Mongolian punk)* [more on Mohanik after the jump]

-The Fever Machine (big-riff rock)
-The Instigation (hardcore punk)

 DJ BO then goes on to explain a bit about the cancellation:

I'd like to establish that the decision to cancel the Trash A Go-Go at Mao Livehouse for this Sunday was made by the management of Mao Livehouse. It was made for the exact same reason that this Thursday's show there was canceled: clearly, Mao has not been given permission by local authorities to hold events at their new space.

The fine people of Split-Works will be having their shows at Mao Livehouse this Friday and Saturday. I assure you it is due to the special efforts of Split-Works, not Mao Livehouse, that these shows will not be interrupted.

Mao Livehouse put out a release saying this Sunday's show was canceled due to an illness by a member of The Lemons. That's simply not true. As I mentioned, Mao's reasons for canceling the show had nothing to do with the performers and everything to do with local authorities.

It is true, however, that The Lemons were forced to cancel their visit to Shanghai. This is due to legal troubles of one of their members (nothing to do with coming to China/the upcoming show).

Immediately when this was established last night (Monday, March 28th), I was able to book another punk band from Ulaanbaatar, Mohanik, to take their place. The plan was to inform the media, put information on the change at the entrance of Mao, and still offer a refund if any customers were unsatisfied. As far as I'm concerned: the show must go on.

I'm not unhappy that Mao cited health reasons as the cause for The Lemons not being able to perform. However, citing that as the reason for canceling the whole show is simply not true. I, and everyone else involved with this show, have put a great deal of effort into getting it together, and placing the burden on us for its cancellation is, to me, not fair at all

*Mohanik is a great punk band from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After playing mostly small gigs for a few years, they had a breakout year in 2009. Their playing tightened up, revealing an infectious pop side to their thorough punk passion. Due to their new confidence, their shows generated a lot of buzz, culminating in a win for "Best Alternative/Punk Band" at the 2009 Mongolian Underground Music Awards (MUMA). They also released two singles on a the Hi-Fi Label Presents...Underground Sessions compilation that generated a lot of buzz, especially the song Moritoi Ch Boloosio. Since then, they've had to a few hiatuses due to commitments of their members, but they continue to release singles and play popular shows in Ulaanbaatar.

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