Trash a Go-Go with The Routes at Yuyintang

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the routes 011.jpgSo the new Yuyintang eh? Very nice, very nice. Last Friday was my first time in the new place for a gig and it was impressive. Trash a Go-Go packed the place out with the sort of numbers that would have made the old YYT uncomfortable and hard to navigate. As it was, the new venue dealt with the crowds pretty well. With the new bar, the larger main room and the upstairs seating, it's a big improvement on the old Yuyintang, much as I loved it.

And the bands were pretty good too. Things kicked off with local quartet Out of Groove. They seem pretty fresh and only played four songs, one of them an instrumental lead in. No Douban or anything that I can find on them yet, but keep an eye out for them playing again soon, likely with the Trash a Go-Go crowd. They play a kind of bluesy rock and the singer has a good voice on her.

The Beat Bandits were up next and were their usual fine selves - they're just a band it's hard not to love. They were followed by The Routes who played a good set of Mod and garage rock that went down well. And the night was rounded out by The Instigation who I unfortunately missed as wasn't feeling too good by the end. Overall though, great night with great bands and I came away really impressed from my first gig at the new Yuyintang.

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