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p955626773.jpgFriend or Foe are the latest Shanghai band to get picked up by the MAP project, with their track 'Snortin' Clorox' selected for the April list and beamed across the world through the network of alternative music blogs. Nice. The boys were also up in Beijing this weekend and it seems it went pretty well. There's talk of an album in the works too so keep an eye out for that one. 

Ho-Tom - conqueror, poet, lover - has a new track up, well, newly-recorded. It's lo-fi and lovely. Check it.

The Curry Soap has been posting up a few beats and pieces lately. Nothing in the way of a complete track as of yet, but the latest is a 30 second teaser of 'Lucien', her first track sung in French. 

ZLHF are heading out on their universities tour again with a bunch of bands and brands in tow. If you're a student or you just like hanging out with them, here's the details.There's also a few videos from ZLHF artists here

Finally, a random (non-Shanghai) band link courtesy of this guy: Pink Elephant. Hit them up here. 'Silly Girl' is the track to play.

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Remember that time Pink Elephant played here last summer? Who was it they played with again?

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