Something for the weekend

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Beijing band Dude release their new EP at Yuyintang. Details

Androsace, Independent Day, Sunny Day and Les Semi Croustillants at Live Bar. Details


Folk festival in Zhouzhuang (runs until Sunday). Details

Harmonica man Mark Peng at Yuyintang in the afternoon. Details

The Fever Machine, Duck Fight Goose, Stegosaurus? and Androsace at Yuyintang. Details

Runaway Snail, Poppy, Candy Shop, Plastic Chocolate and Crystal Butterfly at MAO Livehouse. Details

Puppets of Distortion, Black Luna, Prank and Fight for Her at Live Bar. Details

Su Yu at 696 Livehouse. Details


Walt Crossover at Live Bar. Details

Su Yu at Yuyintang. Details

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