Midi, day 2: The Fever Machine are 'niubi'

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p994760080.jpgDay two of Midi saw huge crowds, sunshine and a great atmosphere again as the festival really got into full swing. The line up on the Tang Stage was a bit under-whelming, but that allowed one of Shanghai's own to shine with The Fever Machine turning in a rousing performance that had the crowd going nuts. The band's big riff rock went over so well that there was a wave of 'niubi' chants from the audience.

Honestly, there wasn't much else of note on the Tang Stage, but it didn't matter too much as The Antidote stage had plenty to offer. Jay.Soul was outstanding with a fantastic set before B6 and Trix closed the night out. 

Once again though, there was a great turn out, really nice festival atmosphere and everyone was having a lot of fun - which is the main thing.

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