Midi, day 3: Return of The Mushrooms and BCR kick up a storm

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I just lost all of my Midi photos. Not sure how it happened, but yep - woosh, into the ether. Nightmare. Anyway, the third and final day was a memorable one and wrapped up a successful festival that will hopefully have encouraged Midi, and the authorities, to do it again next year.

The first notable action of the day came courtesy of The Mushrooms, making their first appearance in Shanghai in... ages. They acknowledged the fact, before explaining that their debut album was coming soon and playing a bunch of new songs throughout their set. The Mogu army was in good attendance and in full voice for the more familiar tracks though, with 'Mama' and 'What's Going On?' particularly getting the large crowd going. It was a triumphant return, let's hope we don't have to wait so long for their next appearance. Check them in the video here.

Boys Climbing Ropes then set up on stage, which was confusing as they weren't scheduled to be on until later. Once they were all set up, a bit of stage-side debate followed, only for them to unplug and go off again. Instead, the band originally slated for that slot (who were running late and nearly didn't make it) turned up and played. When Boys Climbing Ropes did eventually take to the stage, they gave a great performance to a large and receptive crowd. Every song had the crowd going and the dust they kicked up from the mosh pit was enough to make Century Park look like downtown Beijing. They were fantastic.
Otherwise, The Antidote Stage again drew big crowds. Caliph8 was particularly noteworthy, along with Conrank, Cavia, Milan J and Siesta all playing to, and pleasing, big crowds. The Antidote stage was a solid highlight throughout the weekend and played a big part in the festival's vibe and success.

In the days running up to Midi, a Beijinger had stirred controversy by starting a topic on Douban entitled, 'Shanghai cunts, do you understand what Midi is?'. This weekend Shanghai answered: the city is more than capable of hosting the festival and making it a success.

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did i spot an albino, alopecian gorilla cameo at the 1:15 mark?

I think you did, bit weird eh? Think you can see it right at the start too. How did that get there?

Newbdog was a masked terror. Personally saw him stomp three kids in the pit. He's a menace.

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