Something for the weekend

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midisurfer.jpgThis weekend is Midi Festival Shanghai of course. There's no Mr Big any more, but Midi have changed the ticket price for today to match those for the other two days. That means it's now 80RMB/day or 200RMB/three day pass.

Elsewhere, you've got Good4Nothing with Dragon Pizza tonight and The Morlocks with The Instigation tomorrow night at Yuyintang. 

MAO Livehouse has a series of Midi after parties. Tonight's has Wanderlust, Pairs, Friend or Foe and Dabei, tomorrow's has The Fever Machine among others and Sunday's has Kartsy and Moon Cakes.

LUNE are having a Midi after party of their own tonight with Pairs, Wanderlust and Next Year's Love. That one's free incidentally.

Live Bar have Prank, Fire in the Hole and Must Be Red tonight (possibly with X is Y as well? The Douban info isn't very clear) and Girls Like Mystery, Blue Magpie and Hello Money tomorrow.

And that's pretty much your lot.

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