Something for the weekend

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You know how this works by now, so here it is:

The Dancers (him ex of Joyside, him out of Casino Demon, him ex of Hedgehog and him from Wang Xiaokun's backing band; video on the right) rip it up at Yuyintang tonight with The Fever Machine. Details.

Everyone's favourite conqueror (Ho-Tom, in case you were wondering) is at Time Zipping House. This is all I've got.

MAO Livehouse has the aforementioned Music Fever thing over three days. Details.

Live Bar has bands from Japan, Korea and, err, China. Details.

Saturday and Sunday are after the jump....
You can get your music started early on Saturday with the reggae festival at O'Malley's. Details.

YYT has Guzz from the capital and Lulu (Jay ex-IGO's new band) doing their synth thing. Details.

The Music Fever thing is still going at MAO Livehouse obviously.

Boys Climbing Ropes, The Beat Bandits, Moon Tyrant and DJ BO are going to Mongolia. At LUNE. Details

Beijing hip hop act Dexter are spitting rhymes at Live Bar. Details.

And it's the latest NOIShanghai at 696 Livebar, with the lovable Torturing Nurse. Details.

If you've recovered from watching the Champions League final and fancy gigging on Sunday, Music Fever wraps up their weekend in situ at MAO Livehouse and Yuyintang will sort you out with a bit of Nanjing's Youzi. Details.

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