Bummer: The Fever Machine CD not available this weekend

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e473583.jpgThe Fever Machine release their debut LP this Saturday with a gig at Yuyintang. Well, sort of. See, the thing is, the CDs aren't ready yet. Nightmare. Don't let that stop you from going though, TFM have made contingency arrangements to ensure you get yourself a hard copy of Living in Oblivion, so you should still make it out to catch them with Boys Climbing Ropes and The Beat Bandits.

Here's the official statement:

Due to unforeseen circumstances in the pressing and packaging process, physical copies of Living In Oblivion will unfortunately not be available at the release show on June 25. The CDs we received today, which had large and glaring manufacturer errors in both the audio and the packaging, have been sent back to Shenzhen to be re-pressed, and will be shipped back to Shanghai as soon as the errors have been corrected. We are extremely bummed out by the situation and deeply apologize for this unfortunate incident.

We will be providing all concertgoers this Saturday with vouchers and instructions on how to pick up their CDs, as well as download cards. Anyone requiring postage for their CDs can leave their addresses with us at Yuyintang, and we will provide free shipping within China. We have also uploaded a (mono) version of Living In Oblivion to soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/thefevermachine/living-in-oblivion) in the meantime.

Once again, we are indeed quite sorry for the inconvenience and will contact you all as soon as the corrected CDs have been delivered. For any other updates please check www.thefevermachine.com 

因为包装上的技术时间问题, 发烧机的新专辑 活着.遗忘 将无幸在6月25号的新片发布演出上发放。 目前CD正在深圳重新印制, 并且将在刻录改正后以最快的速度发送回上海。我们会派发临时纸给每位参与的朋友们, 并讲解如何凭此纸领取CD, 如需邮寄,请在育音堂留下您的联系方式。 我们将免费提供邮寄服务,并为此次造成的不便致歉。要知道发烧机最新消息, 请登上乐队网站www.thefevermachine.com

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never book a launch show til you have the product in yr hands ready to go!

nightmare is right, but it's ok, fellaz. chin up. the album sounds great in mono, can't wait to get a physical copy.

Dear Friends, Bloggers and Trusted Media Contacts:

The long wait, pain and struggle are all over; The Fever Machine's Living In Oblivion is finally ready in the physical format, free from errors and glitches.

Thank you all for bearing with us during the last week, we are extremely excited to have this album all wrapped up, in the can and out in time for our show tonight with Proximity Butterfly from Chengdu and Uprooted Sunshine at YYT.

Anyone who was at the show last week can simply redeem their voucher for a copy of the album.

We will also leave copies at YYT so if people can't make it tonight, they can always get their copy in the future. We'll also send future updates about where else people can get the album.

Thanks again for your support, we look forward to a great show tonight, an exciting summer tour and new adventures and music in the fall.

Until next time . . .

. . . The Fever Machine

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