Friend or Foe kill Bill and open new LOgO

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new logo 021.jpgLOgO's back. Saturday night was a classic LOgO night really: a packed out venue, people drinking beers smuggled in from nearby shops and a few sound problems (mics coming unplugged, that kind of thing). It was great. 

Part way through the night Rabshakeh of Friend or Foe showed me some photos of what the place had looked like at 7pm that night - in short, it was a building site still - so the fact that anything happened at all was pretty impressive and Mr Gaensler in particular deserves a lot of the credit for dragging a bunch of leads and gear across the road from Luwan Rock HQ. 

I got there a bit late, only catching the last song of X is Y's set, with Little Punk lending a hand on the vocals. Guessing we'll hear that one on the split EP they've got coming with Boys Climbing Ropes. Can't wait.

Luckily, I did manage to catch Dragon Pizza in full. They don't play as regularly as some of the other bands in the city, but I always watch their sets with this stupid grin on my face. They're just so good. Yuki is one of the nicest people in the world too and they're one of those bands who are always entertaining to watch, regardless of how into that kind of music you might think you are (or aren't).

After their set came the headlining moment: namely, the death of Bill. Friend or Foe played a great set as always, with plenty of theatre - again, as always - and it was a fitting send off for the bassist. He'll be missed greatly. The band are set to continue with a new member incidentally, no doubt unveiled in some equally dramatic way.

But yeah, new LOgO, not bad. Let's just hope the po po stay away this time....

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Thanks Jake, it was a really fun night and the sound system (left over from the previous tennants) outperformed the PA from the old LOgO by a long shot.It's louder and much clearer. As sound guy and gig attendee I'm stoked, but as a local resident I'm a little concerned :D

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