MESH are looking for your demos

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demo.jpgSo I just mentioned MESH, but here's a bit more detail on one of the sessions, taking place Sunday at 1.30pm, and how you can get involved:

MESH is looking for demos from music makers in Shanghai. This is your chance to have your demo listened to by key music industry figures and get their expert feedback and advice on your track. Submissions are open to producers, bands and anyone making music in the city, all you have to do is send us a link to download your work by Friday afternoon 5pm, and we'll let you know on Saturday morning if you've won some face time with some of the members in the MESH society!

Demo Listening Session will take place on Sunday, Jun 5, at 1:30pm. Please send your info/music to: and put "demo" as subject.

MESH正在强力寻找藏匿于上海的强浪作品!无论你的身分是制作人,乐团成员,或是隐身城市里喜欢咩事创作的音乐爱好者,这是一个超级酷炫的机会让业界大师们鉴赏你的作品,并且提供专家级的建议。你只需要将你的呕心沥血之作上传并且于星期五(下午五点前)传送你的档案连接给info@ilove2mesh.com你就有机会于星期日早上的MESH HUB "听我斯房创作"单元进行你的音乐初体验啦!(入选的强浪们我们会在星期六早上进行通知)("听我私房创作"单元将在星期天下午1点于宗祠进行

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