Sending our boys (and girls) to Mongolia

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jordan.jpgFriday night saw the last fundraiser for DJ BO's Rock Naadam tour of Mongolia, held at LOgO. The three bands who will be heading from Shanghai to UB all played - The Horde (Ho-Tom and Franco), Moon Tyrant and Boys Climbing Ropes - there was a good turn out and it was a good night. 

DJ BO has done a sterling job getting the whole thing organised and has been promoting the hell out of it up in Mongolia. He's got radio spots (see after the jump), billboard posters and all sorts. The bands head to Beijing this Wednesday, from where they'll be taking flights to Mongolia. They'll then be playing in UB and Darkhan over the period of Naadam. It's all massively exciting and I for one wish I was going with them. 

Anyway, in addition to the gigs, BO has been doing plenty of promotion here in Shanghai too to help raise funds and that includes a spot on ICS. If you click here, then go to Saturday 2 and 'Shanghai Live', you'll find a bit on the trip with interviews with some of those involved about 12 minutes 30 seconds in. Check it out.

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I bit my tongue so hard not to point out the line said by Jordan above: "I've never really been to Mongolia before." Does it mean he kind of has been there? Then you put it as the pic. Great. I just laughed out loud.

Thanks for the support!

Hahah yeah JC and I had a laugh about that too. Jordan's kind of been to the country where the music is kind of Chinese :)

Here's another screen grab of said interview:

Nothing but pure, unflinching insight with this band.

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