Win! A chance to meet Andy Best

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Hopefully you still keep an eye on both sites, but this is just a reminder that if things are a little slow here, there's always this blog to turn to. Yep, Mr Best is back blogging again and there's been a flurry of activity on those pages. It's partly because I'm getting a lot busier with my day job and partly because he's worried I'm closing in on his post numbers (this one brings me to 450 I think, with my two year Kungfuology anniversary in a couple of weeks).

It's a big weekend this weekend and, having started with KITE and Next Year's Love at LOgO last night, Andy is planning to hit up most of the gigs taking place. Here's where you can find him, and probably me too, though Saturday night is difficult call and we might end up at different gigs. Oh the suspense....

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