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Video: Pairs' student band showcase

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The other week, Pairs put on a Sunday afternoon show at Yuyintang with a bunch of student bands to try and encourage more young acts to come through in Shanghai. Here's a video with Xiao Zhong explaining a bit more. It's mostly in Chinese, but worth a click if you understand a bit of the language. To see a clip of one of the bands performing that day, click here

The Sound of Beijing mixtape

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2011120502421263_Medium.jpgMatthew Niederhauser (who you'll know from those famous shots of Chinese bands in D-22 and other excellent photography) and Zhang Shouwang (who you'll know for being the driving force of Carsick Cars) have put together a mixtape for Domus' city series. Naturally, it mainly focuses on bands from the capital, but there are a couple of non-Beijing acts on there too, including Duck Fight Goose. In fact, the DFG song is taken from their debut album Sports, released on Friday at Yuyintang, so if you haven't heard anything from the record yet, here's your chance to check out the track 'Golden Gate'. There's loads more great stuff on there too though, so check it out here
Dingma play their traditional Christmas Eve show in a couple of weeks, this year it's at MAO Livehouse. The gig will double as a celebration of the band's tenth anniversary. As part of the warm up, they've released the above this video (now after the jump as I couldn't get the autoplay to stop).

Video: School of rock

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A much more worthwhile video than the one I just posted. Watch this, it's great. 

Thanks to Brad for the tip.

Here's this then: Sans Tripod, episode 2

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78 minutes of incomprehensible mumbling and me fidgeting with a glass of water. Click play at your own risk. 

View the series here.