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Subs need your help

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It's been well over a year since I posted anything here. Other commitments have got the better of me and I just don't really have time to update this blog at the moment, although you probably realised that already. I'm still writing plenty about music in Shanghai here and blogging here if it's of interest, and of course there are plenty of other blogs on Shanghai bands these days.

But I just wanted to post up an appeal on behalf of one of my favourite bands, Subs. They've just started recording their new album, You Are You, but being steadfastly independent, they need some help with financing it. As I write this, they're about a third of the way to reaching their target on this Kickstarter-like site. If you can stump up some cash for the record, they're offering a number of rewards ranging from a credit in the liner notes to free entry to all their shows next year to getting to shout a bit on the album. Contributions can start from as little as 30 kuai and I reckon it's a cause worth supporting.