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Low Wormwood, Yuyintang

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lowwormwood.jpgSo the story goes that when the guys over at Maybe Mars saw Lanzhou folk-rockers Low Wormwood perform live, they immediately started the Maybe Wood spin off label to sign them up and record their latest album, We Can't Help Kissing Each Other. Fair enough. If I had a record label I'd probably start a folk section just to sign them up as well. They were back in town on Sunday at Yuyintang promoting their new record and were fantastic. The title track is available for free download here so hit that link and check it out - it's a great song, especially once the drums kick in properly about half way through.

They don't have the avant-garde oddness of someone like Glamorous Pharmacy (although Xiao He did produce their debut EP), but there's plenty to like about them all the same. There was a honesty and down to earth nature of the band that was hard not to like. The band members seemed a bit awkward at being the centre of attention, as if they didn't quite understand why everyone kept cheering and clapping for them. When the lead singer first spoke to the crowd it was merely to say "this is our second or third time in Shanghai... err... I don't really have anything to say."

But there was no real need for banter with the audience - populated mostly with dedicated fans by the looks of things, with a few fellow Lanzhou people amongst them as well. The music and the songs were enough to get people captivated and the shyness of the band only made their performance more absorbing.

It was a low key night, but it worked perfectly in a venue like Yuyintang - especially for a Sunday night. Definitely check out that track linked to above and listen to some more of their stuff here. If that makes you regret having missed this gig, then make sure you don't miss Mongolian folksters Hanggai on November 7th at the Dream Factory. It's a slightly different style of music, but if you dig the folkness then you'll love them. They're supposed to be pretty damn entertaining live and even come recommended by Pitchfork and The Guardian.

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