Top Floor Circus announce new show (including set list)

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Top Floor Circus, the Shanghai band whose name is often prefixed with "the elusive" or "the legendary", have announced that they will play the Daning Music Season event on August 9th. As well as announcing the show, "Attic Circus" (as the Shanghai Daily decided to call them yesterday) have taken the unusual step of saying exactly which songs they'll be playing. The band are currently writing a bunch of new material with a view to recording a new album at the end of this year/beginning of next. There'll be five old favourites as well as five new songs on the Daning set list. The songs are:

Top Floor Circus on The Bund, NYE 2007     (5 new songs)
     (5 old songs)

It'll be interesting to see what direction the new material takes. Following a couple of experimental folk albums, Top Floor Circus then went tongue-in-cheek punk on their last record. Recent live shows from Lu Chen and co have been similarly unpredictable ranging from variety show-type gigs to pared down folk sets. So does releasing the set list make this gig more predictable? Don't bet on it.  

The following week will see Lu Chen take to the stage again with his new experimental group Zhi Wang, this time at Yuyintang with Torturing Nurse and Ben Houge as part of the latest Silence or Silence or BrainWave Communication show. Ba Fang won't be playing with Zhi Wang this time around though as she'll be travelling in Germany.

Here's the details for the Daning show:

August 9th, 7pm. Entry: Free. Daning International Plaza, 1898 Gonghe Xin Lu, near Daning Lu (大宁国际中央广场, 共和新路1898号(大宁路口). Map.

And for the BrainWave Communication one, there's more info here.

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