Subs need your help

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It's been well over a year since I posted anything here. Other commitments have got the better of me and I just don't really have time to update this blog at the moment, although you probably realised that already. I'm still writing plenty about music in Shanghai here and blogging here if it's of interest, and of course there are plenty of other blogs on Shanghai bands these days.

But I just wanted to post up an appeal on behalf of one of my favourite bands, Subs. They've just started recording their new album, You Are You, but being steadfastly independent, they need some help with financing it. As I write this, they're about a third of the way to reaching their target on this Kickstarter-like site. If you can stump up some cash for the record, they're offering a number of rewards ranging from a credit in the liner notes to free entry to all their shows next year to getting to shout a bit on the album. Contributions can start from as little as 30 kuai and I reckon it's a cause worth supporting.

Nickles sampler and new music venue

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3926447643-1.jpgNichols of Rainbow Danger Club and Death to Giants fame has released a solo sampler for his forthcoming Tongue-in-Beats project. Here's what he says about it:

This 3-song sampler was released on my birthday. It is the precursor to a more complete work called Tongue-in-Beats, a collection of mashups, remixes and originals borrowing heavily from samples of Language-learning CDs, Dirty South MCs, Classic Prog Rock Bands and 20th Century Russian Composers...basically things that are always on my iPod anyways.

And here's where you can hear it.

In other news, it looks like there's soon to be a new livehouse in town. Check out more information on that here.

We Are Shanghai want your songs

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kingsizehomermain.jpgThe people behind the We Are Shanghai compilation are seeking tracks for volume II. Here's how the release party for the first one went, here's a bit more on that CD, and here's what they say about the second coming:

Music-Makers of Shanghai,

It's time to begin working on the next installment of We Are Shanghai!  We're inviting you to submit a song for Volume 2, to be released later this year.  Volume 1 was well-received, and we're looking forward to putting together a stellar lineup of bands and artists for the next one.

Here's the deal: You have until the end of June to submit to us a high-quality .wav file of a song of yours.  We'd prefer it if songs were under 5 minutes in length, but that's not a hard and fast rule.  Last time, we had more submissions than we could use, and we're really hoping to get even more this time around.  We're looking for good songs from a wide spectrum of genres. We want songs and artists that represent what's happening in Shanghai and who are actively shaping the city's music scene.

While all tracks are welcome, this compilation is a great opportunity for you to showcase new music.  As such, we hope that you'll provide us with something that was recorded relatively recently, if not a new song altogether.  If you guys need help, JC and Nichols may be available for mixing and other recording assistance.

Also, if you are a graphic artist and would like to contribute to the cover art, let us know! Please send your submissions and other questions

Bren, Nichols, Adam, JC and Ivan


Lazy blogging: a few links

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kingsizehomermain.jpgSorry to just repost a bunch of links, but a reminder that while this blog has become pretty sparse of late, there's plenty of good regular content coming out over here.

To follow up on the Strawberry rumour two posts down, it looks like it will be happening in Shanghai in April. Not only that, but following lots of rumours, Midi will throw their own festival in the city about a week before. Read more here

Something else to look forward to in April is a new Hedgehog album. They'll release it at Yuyintang on Friday 13th.

If you missed The Instigation playing at the last ever Trash a Go-Go recently (more on their end here), then you can check out this video, though it's on Vimeo so you'll need a VPN.

Finally, here's a new Shanghai band to keep an eye on.
It's taken them a while - about six years in fact - but The Mushrooms will finally release their debut album this weekend, with an afternoon show at Yuyintang. The album has been available for a little while now after David Tao's label finally relented and put it out, but this Saturday will see an official release show for the CD. 

Regardless of what you make of the music, you can't begrudge the band this moment. There's a brief recap of The Mushrooms' story here, but typing their name into the search bar on either Andy's blog or this one will give you loads more background if you want it.

Strawberry Shanghai?

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midi calendar.jpgWhen it comes to China festival rumours - and let's face, there's going to be a lot of them in the coming months - it's going to be hard to beat this one. Still, another one doing the rounds on the rumour mill at the moment is that Modern Sky will finally bring their Strawberry Festival to Shanghai this year. After the harmonised Strawberry Suzhou and the allegedly 'stolen' Strawberry Zhenjiang, Modern Sky are apparently looking at doing a festival in Century Park in April. Pure speculation at this stage however.

This picture on the right here incidentally, is of some revellers at the 2010 Changjiang Midi Festival and forms part of Midi's 2012 calendar. Recognise anyone?

Duck Fight Goose interview on Noisey

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If you were at Duck Fight Goose's release for their brilliant new album a few weeks back, you'll have noticed a bunch of cameras in Yuyintang. Some of them were from Noisey, the music channel thing from the Vice people. This here is the resulting video. More on DFG and the album here.

Rank Moist Vegetation need a drummer

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Want to play in one of the best-named bands in Shanghai? Here's your chance. Rank Moist Vegetation are after a drummer and the situation is pretty critical. RMV's Julien says:

'We will break up very soon if we don't find one (not that anyone actually gives a flying fuck).'

Show them you care and drop him a line if you can help: rankmoistvegetation[at]

MAO Livehouse to host Shanghai Rock Awards

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b618e507308d349.jpgA couple of years after Midi launched their awards up in Beijing, MAO Livehouse have announced that they are to hold their very own Shanghai music awards. It'd be easy to write a snide post at this point, so very easy, but to be fair to MAO, while a lot of the best performance nominations are slanted towards bands who appeared on their stage, they've at least kept themselves off the list of 'best venue' nominees and Crystal Butterfly's name is nowhere to be seen, so it's at least a step up from the Miserable Faith Midi Awards. 

Of course, there's plenty to be said about whether Shanghai needs this or whether anyone will really care, but you can check out the nominees on the right here. No word on how they'll be judged yet, but the event itself will take place on Saturday February 18 and MAO promise that 'this night will make history.'

2acc00a62d529bf.jpgThere are two shows on at Yuyintang this weekend where you'll get paid 1RMB each if you attend them. Yes, instead of forking out 40 kuai to watch a show, the promoters will pay you. If you haven't heard already, this is the brainchild of DJ BO and Dabei's Xiao Wei. The idea is to get more foreigners to see Chinese bands and more Chinese people to see foreign bands in Shanghai. 

The line-ups are as follows: 
Saturday Dabei, Prank, Senlinmu, Baiyu, Loudspeaker
Sunday Pairs, The Horde, Icenine, Moon Tyrant, Pacific

So if you've ever fancied going to see some of these bands and not got around to it, this weekend seems like a pretty good opportunity to do so. Check out more details here.

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