Strawberry Suzhou cancelled

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e408399.jpgIf you were planning on heading to the Strawberry Festival Suzhou this weekend, think again. There are rumours all over Douban that the festival has been cancelled and various sources have confirmed that this is the case, with the decision apparently taken late last night. The festival, whose slogan of 'You say hello, I say goodbye' now seems rather unfortunate, has yet to make an official announcement, but it seems that will follow later today once they've managed to inform everyone on the organiser side - as of this morning, news was still filtering through to the various parties involved. No reason has yet been given for the cancellation. More news as and when it comes through.

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does this have to do with the recent crackdown on unlicensed musicians?

I've been told it's because of a certain detained artist and his recently detained rock singer friend.

just in case any kungfuologists out there looking from some strawberry DJs.

Lame deal all around tho...

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