Must read: The scene story of 2009

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5a5bd665g738d0f510686690.jpegI know that most of you reading this came to my blog via Andy's in the first place and that you probably check back there regularly anyway, but just in case you don't, please go and read this now. It's Andy's scene story of 2009 and is an excellent read. Yes, he's a friend and he gave me this blog and blah, blah, blah, but it's not like he gets a load of money each time you click on the link or something, I just genuinely think you should read it. It's a fantastic piece.

That's it really. Sorry if my posts have been a bit light recently (get off my back, I averaged a post and a third a day last month), but there's some good gigs on this weekend so no doubt I'll be back with some write-ups of those. Now, go read Andy's post.

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