Photos: DFG are cool

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p417423694.jpgUPDATE: Another new image here. It's freaky. Go look at it.

Check out these new photos of Duck Fight Goose. They'll be going on tour in May with fellow blog favourites Boojii (not surprising given the similarity of the line-ups), which is good news for anyone living outside Shanghai. Good news for us too really, as there are plans afoot to do a couple of gigs here as well. Another thing for you to file under "exciting" is the news that DFG are also planning an EP in the near future. Who can honestly say they're not looking forward to hearing that? In the meantime, whet your appetite by downloading the three tracks on the DFG page here, though if you can get those download links to work you're a better person than I.

On a side note, I finally managed to get my hands on Boojii's Reserved album and it's seriously good. Find it if you can.

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Booji's Reserved album rocks and really helped me getting into the band more. Very much looking forward to DFG ep.


Post submission freaked out on me so sorry in advance if this is a double post.

I need to pick up that Booji cd too and the DFG ep has just take top spot on my wish list. Regarding the downloadable tracks, I'm a better person that you, Jake :)

Booji's Reserved is available at 0093's Taobao shop.

To download from douban sign into your account and click on the arrows (right click and save target as in windows and option mouse click on a Mac),


Yeah I've downloaded hundreds of tracks off of Douban before, I know how it works, I just couldn't get it to work before. Maybe it was just me being stoopid. And Stevo, I think we knew you were a better person already

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