Yuyintang shut down

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tandemLast night at around half past nine, police showed up at Yuyintang and told them the planned gig for that night (local folk artist Wu Ji) would not be going ahead. No real reason was given, they simply asked to speak to the manager and asked to see the venue's licenses. Audience members (there were around 20-30 people there at the time, not a huge crowd) were told that the gig was cancelled and that they needed to leave the venue. The authorities then confiscated equipment from Yuyintang - the cash tills and everything from the sound desk, including the computer. Tonight's Pinkberry EP release has been "postponed" according to a notice from the band, though they will still be at the venue at 9pm tonight to give out postcards and to meet any disappointed fans who show up expecting a gig.

Yuyintang are currently trying to ascertain exactly where they stand now - and how they get their equipment back. They have some big, big shows lined up for May with gigs taking place almost daily, starting with big name experimental indie act Xiu Xiu on Sunday 2. There is no word on these shows yet and clearly the hope is that they will not be affected, but they have to be in some doubt at the moment.

When attempts were made to shut down last weekend's gig at LOgO, I wrote that I thought it likely to be caused by resident complaints rather than the Expo, even though the big event was the reason given. I was trying not to think the worst - if the Expo really was the reason, then there would only be more to come. Well, now there's more, a lot more. Between us, Andy and I have written numerous times about the importance of Yuyintang to Shanghai's music scene. Put simply, it is the heart of the local underground music community here. Its closure, for however long, is a huge blow. Hopefully YYT will be open again very soon and this won't disrupt them too much, but I wouldn't expect to catch a gig there this weekend.

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Wow. That's immensely disappointing and stupid. Asking them to cancel a show or close down for a while is one thing. But confiscating everything in the venue is just ridiculous.

I'll probably show up at 9.

Sorry Bren, but how forcing a music show to shut down for "non apparent reason" is different from ridiculous too? Shutting YYT down, closing them for a night, or for a while, and taking their equipment (for what we all know that is the real reason) are all the same, abuse of power and unreasonable thinking.
I hope during the week reason will come back to the air, and we'll forget this happened, but if not... I'll be wishing for a doses of punk on the streets to heal this frustration

I feel so sorry about the whole thing. shame on them. hopefully yuyintang would come back soon. fingercrossed.

^'non apparent reason' has a long history in China...hahahaha *sobs*

Let me restate, closing down a venue for "non apparent reasons" is ridiculous. But confiscating everything is like an unnecessary nail in the coffin.

My thinking is this, if they were just going to shut down one show at YYT, why take all the equipment too? By taking the equipment as well, that indicates something on a larger scale than just telling them to close for a show or a few weeks or months. It would seem that they want an extended shutdown so I think that's a bit different than if they would have left the equipment and just forced shows to be postponed. But yes, it basically boils down to unreasonable thinking.

Oi. Where do I go on the weekends now?

^...stay at home and browse thru online expo daily express maybe?

tis miserable.

Those evil, sick, worthless excuses for humans.

They've taken the only beautiful and vibrant music venue in the city. I see no reason to live here anymore.

How does destorying the only culturally relevant club improve this city?

I have ZERO respect for any authority here. Violent idiots who no nothing of goodness, culture, reason and ethics.

This is the kind of thing that keeps people from settling down here.

Hey Jake,

This is Ben from Shanghai Daily

I'm writing a story for the paper about Zhu Lu He Feng as a new indie label in the city.

I was wondering what you think the impact starting the label has on the scene in Shanghai, What does starting up Zhu Lu He Feng do for exposure for the bands and for the scene in general.

I talked to Andy Yan and also Pinkberry about it, but I would also love to hear your thoughts.



You should blog about a similar list of pages for people who like this. I found your site sometime last week when I was researching, unfortuneatly I am not really into the blog thing. I don't think it's because I do not like blogs, but more than likely due to the fact that I'm slightly behind to them.

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