Thank you

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han han.jpgThanks to everyone who came out last night to help celebrate two years of Kungfuology. It was great to see you all there.

I'm not going to review the shows or anything, but I do want to say a special thank you to Ho-Tom the Conqueror and to Han Han for playing. They both did it for nothing and were both outstanding.

Hopefully Ho-Tom will get a Douban page sorted out soon so I can start linking to his stuff. I know he's been recording some of his songs lately, so if you've not seen him yet, hopefully you can get to hear his stuff soon. Of course, if you haven't seen him yet, you really ought to. He's at Anar every Monday night from around 11pm, so you've no excuse for not checking him out really.

Han Han's improvised solo show was incredible. Andy and I were both really pleased and touched that he played, especially as he sang songs about us. I don't think anyone has ever sung a song about me on stage before. It was hilarious as well. He'll be back with Duck Fight Goose and Boojii at MAO Livehouse in early July, as he sang last night.

So yeah, thanks again to those two, to Sophia and everyone at Yuyintang for hosting us and finally to everyone who came along and supported us. It was genuinely appreciated.


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