Zhu Lu He Feng are doing stuff

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IMG_7372.jpgNot content with having put out an EP within the label's first six months, Zhu Lu He Feng leader Lezi has been busy with a whole load of other projects under the ZLHF banner that makes other certain labels in the city look more than a little sluggish. 

First up, he's been touring the city's universities with a bunch of bands including Sonnet, Pinkberry and Joker from the label together with Candy Shop and Nuka Cola. They played two shows this week, one at Songjiang University town and one up in Jiading at the Shanghai University campus there, and they seem to have gone down pretty well - Lezi reckons around 300 people showed up to each. They've got another show coming up on the 31st back down in Songjiang.

Meanwhile, Lezi has signed Hama's new band Manbanpai and folkstress MR. to the label as well. They're currently working on new EPs for Sonnet and MR. and once those are sorted he plans to go straight into recording a new record for Joker and a debut one for Manbanpai. Not bad going really.

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