Is it the weekend already?

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beatbandits.jpgPretty much, yeah. So other than watching England cock things up in the World Cup against a country who don't even call the game football, there's a bunch of top gigs coming your way. Here's a cursory run down.


Alright, so there's an all-girl band event going on up at 696 which is very right on and everything (Ann, Miss Panda and Machiato are the bands), but let's face it Friday comes down to a straight fight to the death between The King Khan and BBQ Show and the Queen of Fucking Everything. Who's your money on?

In the blue corner: The King Khan and BBQ Show. At YYT with The Fever Machine (interview here) and The Beat Bandits. Totally crazy and weird. Plus, they split up the other day and have only just reformed after some fucked up shit at the Sydney Opera House or something. 

In the red corner: Subs. At MAO Livehouse with Boys Climbing Ropes and Pinkberry. Subs back in town after over a year away and with a new album to boot. China's best live band plus local favourites BCR and Pinkberry in support isn't too shabby. As has been stated elsewhere, 'expect death and mayhem'. 


This one's probably an easier choice, even if the main show of the night was completely passed over by another so-called music preview out there on the interwebs. You've got the Summer Rock Party up at 696 with Max, Sear, Purple Planet and a whole bunch of others, but down at Yuyintang it's the third installation of Han Han's Good Jive night. 

Good Jive's bill looks a little like this: Ho-Tom the Conqueror (possibly with a new line-up featuring the Curry Soap), X is Y (top notch math rock), Stegosaurus? (good times rock and on stage antics), The Beat Bandits (excellent garage rock) and Sun Ye (legend).

And that's pretty much how it looks for the weekend.

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Regardless of where your loyalties lie, it's going to be a good soccer match...

I've heard from Ho-Tom the Conqueror. Curry Soap won't be in the ranks on Saturday evening. Apparently there were difficulties in coordinating a raid on Yuyintang. While sharpening his axe, Ho-Tom did reveal that his horde on Saturday will include Tom Terror and Jerry the Juggernaut as well as George the Goliath.

Ho-Tom says he plans to burn the house down. That is if The King Khan and BBQ Show don't do it first.

Yeah, that was a glaring omission. Never would have happened if I was still alive.

Actually, it wasn't yours I was referring to. I only just read that one

Ah, I just outed us for nothing then. Damn it all. Hopefully the US can avenge my (dis)honor tomorrow night. I love soccer.

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