Queen Sea Big Shark's Wave won't play in your CD player

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p653100368.jpgJust a heads up that if you're planning on going to QSBS's big show at MAO Livehouse tomorrow, the copies of the new CD they'll have on sale there won't play in your CD player. Remember CD players? No? Oh. Well anyway, you can stick it in your COMXXXPUDA and rip it and then stick it on your MP3 thingy or whatever, but you won't be able to put it in your CD Walkman. In other news, there will also be no release on cassette tape. I know.

Basically, someone fucked up with the mastering or whatever bit it is of the process that makes a CD playable on a computer but not on a CD player. Maybe that's not such a big deal in these days of MP3 players and what have you, but just wanted to let you know.

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so basically what you're getting is like... an elaborate USB stick.

This is the future here, my friends.

Bought the CD last night at the show and discovered that track listing on the CD case doesn't match the CD either.

For those who care here's the correct tracklist as I've been able to work it out:

1. CBD
2. Glow in the dark
3. Back 2 the Future
4. E Ocean
5. Compxxpuda
6. Loop of the Sun
7. Wave
8. Neo! Man
9. Starz
10: Youth

Overall a really good album though a very different direction from their first disc. The show last night was just awesome. Well worth RMB 80.


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