First listen: Rainbow Danger Club's 'Enduring Love'

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31.jpgEmbedded after the jump is a song from the forthcoming Rainbow Danger Club album, Where Maps End. The track is called 'Enduring Love'. I strongly recommend you listen to it.

It's fair to say that this is a pretty highly-anticipated record, and understandably so - Rainbow Danger Club have built quite a reputation through their live shows and last year's free EP. You can get your hands on the album at Live Bar on March 18, where they'll be playing with Pairs and Friend or Foe, but don't wait that long to see them live, get to Live Bar this Saturday and watch them with Boys Climbing Ropes, X is Y and Pairs.

And while we're talking about Live Bar, you might want to head up there on Friday night too where you'll find The Fever Machine and friends are tearing it up.  The artwork here isn't necessarily the artwork for the album incidentally, just one of the entries into their album art competition that I like.

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great track

It was a great way to close the show on Saturday! Heavy Rotation!

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