MTV wants Shanghai music people

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pmtv_world_stage.jpgMTV are working on a new show and are looking for some cool young people from Shanghai to be in it. There will be episodes set in various cities around the world but, according to the researchers trying to track down people to star in it, they 'really love the idea of a young, unsigned Shanghai based band being the group of friends in the show. We were thinking an already established band based in Shanghai (Chinese or foreigners) would be great, but really they can come from any walk of life.' 
So, if that sounds like you and you're under 26, click here to apply. The deadline is this Sunday so you need to be quick. If anyone wants more details, leave a comment and I'll forward you the whole e-mail.

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hey!Are you still finding the music people??

It wasn't me looking I'm afraid, you'll have to try the MTV site linked above and hope for the best - it was a while ago now....

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