New Pairs songs

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The video on the right here features a couple of new Pairs songs. Here's Xiaozhong introducing them: 'The first song is called 'five kuai' and the second is called 'Christmas'. We're hoping that in the vein of Carsick Cars song Zhong Nan Hai, instead of throwing cigarettes people could throw five kuai notes on the stage when we play it.' Not much more I need to add to that really, click the play button and check them out yourselves. The songs will feature on Pairs' new album, hopefully on its way soon.

In other Pairs news, they've just released a 7" and are playing a bunch of shows in the coming weeks and months, so make sure you're stocked up on five kuai notes. More details straight from the horses' mouths here.

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rad. new music rocks.

Luring people in to the back of vans with candy.

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