Layabozi turn three tonight

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ATT00001.jpgThe good people over at are celebrating their third anniversary tonight with a show at Yuyintang. Here's the details:

Starting at 8pm


- Indie Art Exhibition by the trio of power-indie-ladies Ziggy, Nora and Squinzzi. 

Nora and Squinzzi debut. Nora with her first set of paintings, and Squinzi with a selected mix of her best photographies. They will be supporting the lovely return of Ziggy with her wild paintings. 


9pm Yay! starts the music!


We have a hot surprise to start the party.


Theo Croker and his band Charles Foldesh, Curtis Ostle, Nick Rosen, will start up the fire of DynamoOn concert with a couple of tunes to call to the stage the spirits of the great beatniks and ask together for permission to the muses to start the ritual for long life, prosperity, and playfulness with music.


LON, will set up the machines and line up the chords by beats and loops, taking us on a ride with electronic sounds to leave us on the land of grooves and melodies. LON beating pulses can draw colors in the air.


The Song Dynasty will use machines and electronic instruments to project and play with sounds creating harmonies that will open doors and windows to experiment music in vast ways. The music of The Song Dynasty is delicatessen for savvy listeners.

Androsace will bring power and fire, hard rock to head-bang at the rhythm of the primitive passions of music. Androsace is a young new indie band formed by rare specimens who express with barbaric tones and dance to metal tempos and riffs. Rock to bring out the power of dynamos.


Baijiu Robot. We are very proud to present the resurrection of this marvelous dynamic groovy duo of DJs. Robots can dance! And these robots also can turn ANYthing into a Paaarty! Remember them keeping you dance every Tuesday night at Logo? ... Get ready! Baijiu power is back! 


Thom Cher knows hot to spice. His specialty comes from the wisdom of disco, and the heroes of party. Thom will take the controls to finally set and light up the magic disco ball that will turn on the ship that will ride us to the space, the moon, and the vast infinite of music. 


The Address: 


851 Kaixuan rd. near YanAn Rd.


At the door:

1 person for 30 rmb

2 for 50 rmb

2 dating for 30mb ( it'll be controlled! :} )

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