Pairs, the podcast and other links

| | Comments (5) | TrackBacks (0) have done a podcast with Pairs - basically 15 minutes or so of their tracks strung back to back. There's also a text interview up here (in Chinese). Scroll to the bottom of that page, click the orange text and the Pairs podcast is all yours. 

Bivouac Recording is a new field recording label that's just launched in China. Check them out right here.

Shanghai Daily have a profile of Folk Rock United founder Liu Jian, that's here

Speaking of Shanghai folk artists, miir has a free two-track EP up on bandcamp that's well worth checking out. Cop that one by clicking here.

Finally, a quick heads up for a free show at LUNE next week featuring X is Y, Next Year's Love, Moon Tyrant and Girls Like Mystery. That's on the 21st, details here

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Free shows at Lune because it now hip to emulate cabaret/bar-bands except without the pay.

But seriously. Why? Why not use the time to watch other bands and be supportive or something. Ponder the question ... do I want to watch a rock band at Lune ... or do I want to put red-hot forks in my eyes?

Wow Andy...really going out of your way to be an ass-basket today, aren't you?

Let me edit your comment for you.

"Free shows at Lune because it's now impossible to book weekends at YYT. And free because we like it when people come watch us."

Isn't that what your whole DIY, indie-cred schtick is all about? Doing it for love of the music, rather than the fat stacks o' green?

Ponder the I want to see more pictures of a scrawny old man and his underage sex toy...or do I want to play some rock for a club full of party people?


Hey, I don't ask people to come see my scrawny old man pics at Lune. Get it right.

I just had this big debate with Ivan about this in private.

The comment mentions supporting other band's shows.

It's only fair to mention that when I'm at the emo or metal shows with the all local audiences and a handful of token foreigners ... Ivan is often one of them.

I'll take my metal wherever and however I can get it ;)

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