Sound Toy are coming back to Shanghai

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Chengdu-based band Sound Toy are playing at MAO Livehouse next month, which is a show to get excited about. They're playing on the 6th, which is a Monday, slightly odd, but and is the Dragon Boat Festival so worth getting out for. Sound Toy rarely tour so when they play here it's a pretty big deal - I think this is only like their second show here in about five years or something. Could be wrong, but that's my guess.

Music Fever are the people you should thank for bringing them your way again, the local-based label seem to be stepping up activity again after a dormant period - they also have a big weekend at MAO Livehouse week after next with two nights and a CD release headed up by My Little Airport.

Anyway, I digress. Check out Sound Toy here to see if their music floats your boat and if so, the show details are here.

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